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About Me

An illustrator and graphic designer based in Tel Aviv, graduated from

Minshar School of Art in 2014.  I work as a graphic designer and illustrator.

My style is versatile. I enjoy minimalistic, black and white drawings, but also know how to go all the way with colours.  The one thing that significe my work the most is my fascination with people - the way their minds work, their feeling and emotions, their beliefs and history -  it’s something that always push me to do more research, understand the background of situations, and not to focus only on the aesthetics or the coolness of an image. 

As far as material goes, the other important element of design besides the image itself, I love exploring with different materials and crafts. In recent years

I have learned several traditional crafts like weaving, knitting, basket weaving and embroidery, and I try to implant those ancient techniques in my daily work. 

As a passionate reader and knowledge seeker, I see my work as an opportunity to not only affect the eyes but also as a way to create a difference in the world and encourage people to go deeper and explore the world.

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